NagloGrowl Demo

This demonstrates the NagloGrowlv2 js library.
This stacks multi growls which v1 does not do. Click on a button more than once to see.
The different buttons here are grouped into their own named groups. Click on many buttons to see.
Note inline style on page thats reversing li - this is optional.
For version 1, go here - Version 1
Note that version 2 drops optional injection targets ( unneccessary ), and makes naming of the component critical to allow stacking of growls. Order of parameters changed to reflect priorities.

View source to see how it works - this page represents the least setup required.

ngNotify(message, name, delay, position, alertclass)

message - the text to display
name - optional - default ngInject - Growls are group stacked *by name*.
delay - optional, default 2000ms, the length of time the alert should stick around. A value of zero will cause the alert to stay until user dismissed.
position - optional, default bottom, 'top' or 'bottom' indicating whether the alert should stick to the top or bottom * editing the css will allow you to alter left, right, top, bottom
alertclass - optional, default 'alert-info', a css class to include for the alert. custom css or use bootstrap style alerts