NagloGrowl Demo

This demonstrates the NagloGrowl js library.
For version 2, go here - Version 2

View source to see how it works - this page represents the least setup required.

ngNotify(message, outercontrol, delay, position, alertclass, name)

message - the text to display
outercontrol - optional, default append to end of body, the jquery element to inject the notification code into
delay - optional, default 2000ms, the length of time the alert should stick around. A value of zero will cause the alert to stay until user dismissed.
position - optional, default bottom, 'top' or 'bottom' indicating whether the alert should stick to the top or bottom * editing the css will allow you to alter left, right, top, bottom
alertclass - optional, default 'alert-info', a css class to include for the alert. custom css or use bootstrap style alerts
name - optional, default ngInjectnnn where nnn is a number between 1 and 999, specify a fixed id for the alert box